• Sound of Future
    Sound of Future
  • Ultrasonic Wire BonderUltrasonic Wire Bonder

    High-speed Rotary Head Type

    Ultrasonic Wire Bonder


    Applied new US generator (Able to use in multiple frequency)
    Windows 10 : Touch panel operation
    Able to recognize multiple points at same time

  • REBO-Metal-SREBO-Metal-S

    Ultransonic Metal Bonder



    Tool can be exchanged by screw
    Wide varieties of oscillation trigger
    Logging・wave form judging function

  • Ultrasonic Plastic WelderUltrasonic Plastic Welder

    G6 Series

    Ultrasonic Plastic Welder


    Enables stable welding with variety of function and options.

  • Ultrasonic CleanerUltrasonic Cleaner

    3-Tank type

    Ultrasonic Cleaner


    Deaerated hydrocarbon detergent and ultrasonic cleaning's synergy effect enhances degreasion of parts

  • Ultrasonic measurement deviceUltrasonic measurement device

    Sing-around sound velocity measurement device

    measuring instruments


    Measures sonic velocity and its attenuation with a high level of accuracy in order to calculate Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio, date that is indispensable to the research and development of new materials.